EP#221 - Polarity of Beliefs

We all have a belief system when it comes to life, money, death, relationships, parenting, politics, C-virus, etc.

But, have you ever asked the question if that belief system is YOURS or is it the beliefs of others?

One of the things that is fascinating about belief systems is, when you challenge it, there is a knee-jerk reaction that happens.

Ever challenge the belief system of what someone stands for?

Religion? Marriage? Money? C-Virus? Etc..

The response is usually never pleasant and name calling is what normally follows.

Why does it have to be that way?

What can we do, to level up, and break this continual pattern we express and do as humans?

Tune in and find out.


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But, have you ever asked the question if that belief system is YOURS, or is it the beliefs of others?ee-jerk reaction that happens.


The response is usually never pleasant and name-calling is what normally follows.

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