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Rediscover the greatness that exists within you to achieve your wildest dreams

Rediscover Your Greatness - A Guide to a
Understand and use the Universal laws to focus and shape your reality to live a more inspired and fulfilling life! 

With deep insight, stories and concepts, Rediscover Your Greatness explores and explains the rules and guidelines to life and how to use them to live a better, more enlightened life.
Dr. Vic Manzo walks you through the simple, life-changing processes of breaking down societal labels and constructs, finding your Source Energy, the neuroscience behind harnessing and focusing your thoughts to create reality, and then explaining the universal laws of Association, Attraction, Manifestation, and Duality, and how you can use them to manifest a positive, healthy life. 

Rediscover Your Greatness is a thoughtful, practical guide aimed at helping you allow your soul and mind to expand and evolve by leading you through different avenues of spiritual truth and an understanding that you are the creator of your life and your experiences. 

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