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Dr. Vic's New Book Release Date July 201

A book that shares the rules of the UNIVERSE in a very simplistic way to  create an INSPIRED and FULFILLED life...

Rediscover Your Greatness - A Guide to a


"This is a book I will read again and again.  It helped me regain my focus on my life's purpose.  I was very inspired by many of the concepts and thoughts on living life.  I will be recommending this book to friends and family." 

Brian M.

"This book is amazing!  I would recommend it to anyone who is at any point in their lives.  I am a doctoral graduate student and this book opened my eyes and reminded me of what really matters in life.  It came to me at a great point before I began my comprehensive exam and move into the dissertation phase of my degree.  Dr. Vic does a great job explaining concepts and keeping it simple and easy to understand.  The way he writes and expresses his feeling about laws and concepts really speaks to you and even if the examples he talks about are not experiences you have had, you are able to see parallels to your life.  If you are interested in awakening your reality and truly REDISCOVERING YOUR GREATNESS, this is a Must read book!  Thank you Dr. Vic for putting out this knowledge for others to enjoy and rediscover who they really are.  I am extremely grateful and look forward to reading your next books!"


"I just finished this book and it exceeded my expectations!  I have tons of books that I start but never finish but with this book, I couldn't put it down.  It was just what I needed at this point in my life.  It inspired me to start doing my meditations again but this time focusing on the stillness and peacefulness rather than letting my mind wander.  I've been living in the darkness with lots of negative thinking lately and this has shown me the light and all I have to do is connect to my inner source, ask the right questions and focus on my vision.  Dr. Vic will help you through this book no matter where you are at in this life!"

Dr. Hong L.

"This book is a blueprint for the "big picture" of life!  It made me realize that I have been content to sit on the bench during this game called, "Life."  After reading the book, I want to jump into the game.  I feel empowered and inspired to become a better version of myself and dr. Manzo has given me the tools to achieve this goal.  This book introduces or reintroduces you to yourSELF, depending on where you are in your journey."

Nicole K.

- Have you ever tried to achieve or attract something in your life and end up falling short, time after time, regardless of how many times you changed your methods?  

- Have you ever wanted to experience more joy in life but didn't know how?

- Have you ever felt that you have no control over your life?

- Do you want to feel fulfilled everyday of your life?

- Do you want to learn how to master your dreams and achieve greatness in this short human life we all live?

Rediscover Your Greatness will allow for you to realize this and so much more.  This book truly is designed to share a step by step process, building off of each chapter, to give you a full spectrum understanding on how to create an INSPIRED and FULFILLED life...

In the beginning, chapter 1, we answer the question that has been asked so many times...  Who am I?  Who are we?  And in life, in today's world, we have lost this truth.  We have allowed for the external world to dictate who we are in the internal world.  But are we all the labels and titles we put upon ourself?  Is that our true nature?  Understanding this concept will start to break down the wall of what we thought we are and put us on a journey of who we truly are.

As we dive into chapter two and go deeper into the book, this is when I will share Universal Principles and share a simple principle of how this Universe is govern and operates on.  I have always said, "When you know the rules to the game, it makes you a better player."  The reason behind this is because you are able to strategize better and able to understand what are the things you have to do in order to play bigger in LIFE.

My goal at the end of reading this book will truly help create a guide for you to live your life to the maximum potential so when all our inevitable day comes, we know within, we left this world on E (empty - just like a gas tank).  

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