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Your Standards Keep You Where You Are...

What you are experiencing and what you allow into your life determines what you will experience...

What do I mean by this?

We all have standards, non-negotiables, and what I like to call CODES.

Regardless of the term, you have a standard to what you accept with something

What are your standards in a relationship? Money? Business? Physical health?

A high standard for physical health or health overall would be, never missing less than 5 workouts a week, being 90% or better on one's nutritional plan, taking supplements, meditating, seeing a chiropractor, at a minimum 1x/wk.

A low standard would be, to have a salad once a week...

The same goes for relationships. Do you focus on the daily to appreciate the person you are with by letting them know? Do you fuel their love tank? Do you give to their love language?

The quality of your relationship will be determined by what your standards are in the relationship. Do you hit a date night every week or just one on one time with no distractions with your partner/spouse?

The same goes for business... What are the standards that you run your business? Take a look at how a 3-star Michelin restaurant runs or look at how the standards of a Gordan Ramsey are held to compared to a local restaurant that has a lower bar... Do you think there is a difference in customer satisfaction, results, and financial success?

If you don't raise your standards in your life, you don't get to experience more of what you want

That's all for now...

Coach Vic

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