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Video EP#225 - Being Unaware

In a society that has evolved to an information era, it is easier to be distracted, caught into a story and be persuaded by information that is biased.

In the US with our very highly polarized elections going on and will be for the next month (even though news outlets are stating who won), the question is, "Do you evaluate information that is shared from the mainstream media, doctors, people in your profession, career, etc., or do you accept it as is?"

If we just accept as is from mainstream media, our group, leaders, etc., then, are you sharing your unique perspective, gifts, insights or are you just an extension of the leader, group, news outlet, etc.?

In this episode, I will share how I was caught up in believing what was shared, without evaluating the information and determining how I was going to present this into the world.

I will share how I was caught up in how it is to be a successful chiropractor, what is success and so much more.

Tune in and experience how to share your light for a world that seeks to break out of the darkness.


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