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Try On A New Pair of Glasses

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

Transcription Below:

What up, guys?

I wanted to share something do you ever have a day where you start and it's just horrible. Like, it's just not going right everything. It's like when it rains and storms and the rains, it pours a whole thing like that. We've all been there. We've all had a day like that.

But one of the things is, you know that you're only one simple thought one simple viewpoint one simple story. perspective, away from making the greatest day overhead. You see, what happens is that when we get caught up in those things, we keep seeing the ego your mind is, you know, looking at it going, Oh, here we go, this is bad. Hey, this is bad, hey, this is bad.

It's giving you attention to be aware of something bad. Kind of set you up to say, hey, just be ready. Probably gonna have a bad day. And you can shift your mind by saying, you know when you go, I got this, this is all good. hold you back, simmer down, hold on here. We don't know if the rest of the day is only done the first hour, three hours.

There are many more hours in a day. And so if you shift your perspective, you're ever done that to where you're like, you know what, rough morning, but it's got to turn around. And you look at the end of the day, and it wasn't that bad.

And sometimes you may have to look at your bad part of the day. Like, that was great. Actually, look what it did for me, look what it got me to do.

Look what a motivation inspired me to do and so forth. You are just one thought, one shift away from anything having the greatest day, every single day. All it is is literally changing your glasses. That's what I want you to think of like how you see your day as a pair of glasses, and you dictate what those glasses remain, what they show what they what you're going to experience, and so forth. Take the frickin glasses off and put on some new ones that make you show a better day. And to trust within to have faith, not from a religious context from an inner knowing that it's going to be on the up and up.

Why do I know this?

The law of duality balances the universe which is also balancing you when it's dark, deep down on one end is going to have the counterpart on the other. You've got to have faith to know that it's going to happen.

When you experience does that make it a great day?

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