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This Mindset Is CRUCIAL to Achieve Your Goals in 2022 and Beyond!

Transcription Below:

What up guys, Dr. Vic here, and I want to share with you something that is massively crucial to have in order to really have massive growth in your life or to achieve what it is you desire. And no matter what that is, because the thing about life is that with this, this kind of concept, this kind of aspect to your life when it looks at to achieve what it is you desire to in to really create massive growth in your life.

There are two sets of mindsets you can have. And one's going to create growth ones can actually break you down. Now, a lot of times, if you have something that and here's a way to do a quick inventory on yourself, let's say you are looking at your life. And when you get something that has maybe negative news or some bad things that came upon you, it's your opinion what bad is.

And it's not something that you were you were looking forward to something else didn't happen. And you deal with the result of what the reality is. Now, how you react to that is going to determine your mindset. If you go down the negative dark pathway, which is a negative downward spiral. And you start saying, Well, I wasn't worth it, or this or that whatever those limited belief systems you have, we all have some. And you go down that path. And it's a self-destructive process. That's what we will call a fixed mindset, right? Your success, your essence of who you are, when it comes to achieving what it is you desire really is dependent on outside yourself, okay? Because you're seeking outside to determine your value. Now in your fix, because whatever, whatever it is, you're kind of held to that saying, Well, this is what I am, then this is I guess this is just what it is rather the opposite.

Same event, same thing, that negative news, all that stuff comes in, let's say you let's say it's in a sport and you busted you're behind you practice you gave all you could you dedicated all the time that you could to that a max of what you can do, and you failed? How are you going to look at yourself, right? But the other side of the mindset is going to look at that and say, you know, what, where can I learn from that? Where can I extrapolate information? How? What did I miss? What did I get enough details on? What did I not master myself in to allow myself to level up? And that type of mindset is called a growth mindset.

Which mindset do you think successful people, successful athletes, resilient individuals? What mindset Do you think they have? Are they more fixed? Are they more in a growth mindset? Probably going to choose growth. And if you're curious, I'd love to get your opinion on this. Listen, this life, check-in really quick to share a little comment, say hi, if you're watching the recording.

So if you believe in, if you think it's a fixed mindset for those who are successful like this, if you think it's going to be someone who's in a growth mindset, put some love on it. Because at the end of the day, what research has shown is those who have a growth mindset, don't look at the external to determine their value. They look internal and say, Well, you know what this is what happened is what it is, let me see what I can do now to grow from this. How can I expand myself get better? I call it sharpening the knife, right?

How do I sharpen my skills to get better, stronger, and more consistent, or whatever meant me to be able to get x result, whatever that is, you can do this in sports, you can do this in business, you can do this in goal planning for 2022? You can do this in every facet of your life, but know to take the hit and the punches of what life brings to you. That is the Rocky Balboa mindset that I like to call. Because if you ever think of a movie, Rocky Balboa, that one famous quote, and he talks about how hard it's not about how hard you can hit, but it's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. Right? That's winning. And that's winning in life.

There's unfortunately there are winners and there are losers. It's part of life. But the thing is, you know if you continue to be consistent and what you do, if you continue to focus on your craft and sharpen it and keep moving forward no matter what, and keep seeing the vision, this is why I do a lot of visual work. That's one of the references I do with my clients. If you focus on that you will win will be inevitable. Okay, winning will be inevitable if you stay consistent with what it is you're doing. If you keep the growth mindset and you keep moving forward, winning is going to happen and telling you it's inevitable. It's something it's law, it's not even my opinion.

So if you can take anything from this, have fun with this be real with yourself because the more real you are with you, the better you can grow, evolve and adapt and create the dreams that you desire. So it's looking at how much are you in a fixed mindset?

Look at it in your the five M's of life was what I like to call it, where you got your mindset, right? Look at your mindset, that's where everything's gonna come right growth fixed mindset. That's the perspective that's how you look at things, so forth, but take a look at how you Look at that when your health take a look at how you look at with your, your business, your career, your money, take a look how you do that with your marriages, your relationships and your friends and your family.

Take a look at how you do this with your own mission, your legacy in life. And if you can be crystal clear in looking at they're gonna be someday or better and there's some that you're not the ones that you're not more fixated more allowing those limited belief systems to come in. There's a lot of good stuff that I can be showing you some deep wisdom and truth to help you evolve, expand and grow to be who it is you desire.

And if you love this video, if you got to the end of this, if you love it, give me a little love at the bottom here through a comment. Tell me the one thing that you got from this, that you're going to help yourself level up into there. And if you're looking for help if you're looking to partner with someone to really help you grow and expand in every area of your life, throw in the comments, growth, and let's have a conversation.

Appreciate you as always, I hope you have an amazing Monday.

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