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Stop Carrying All Your Baggage Around...

Baggage is a term that I learned about when it comes to relationships. I have always heard it as, you take your baggage from one relationship and bring it with you into another relationship.

But let us look deeper into what the definition of baggage is. When you are carrying your baggage, this means your past experiences.

Baggage is not just in your relationships but in every fabric of your life.

Baggage is the true essence of self-sabotage. Why?

Self-sabotage is ruining an experience of what you desire to have.

How can baggage do this? It is simple.

Baggage has you see your new experiences in the framework of your past. It means you are saying you will have the same experience regardless of what you do on your brand new day.

When I work with coaching clients, a lot of times, it is working through this process to have them see something different and realize they can. When they get stuck or see a pattern of results show up, it usually means they have some limiting beliefs happening and some baggage they don't want to let go of.

Once we become aware of the baggage, it is much easier to drop them, open our minds, be like water and embrace what is next.

Our body stores experiences that are part of our baggage. Our brain and neurology are conditioned by the repetition of thoughts and actions of this baggage. And if it is even more profound, it is stored in our subconscious, playing 24/7.

But there is hope, and with some guidance, it takes, on average, 84 days to change the neurology and shift the patterns to let go. But once we do, your whole life changes.

So stop carrying that baggage and if you want help with this, let's have a chat and see what is possible for you to finally let go of the bags and experience your dream life effortlessly.

All the best,

Dr. Vic Manzo

Business and Spiritual Mindset Coach

Certified Pediatric Chiropractor

Holistic Practitioner

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