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EP#248 - Enjoy The Cake

I remember growing up hearing, "You can't have your cake and eat it too."

Never understood how I couldn't have a slice of cake in front of me and not enjoy it.

But, as I got older and hopefully wiser, I learned that this was a form of a limited belief system.

Too many times, we put our limited beliefs upon someone else's dreams and visions.

Too many times, we spoil a pure mind and vision because we have a limitation.

But, don't let the limitations of others hold you back from what you desire to achieve in life.

Don't let someone tell you, "You can't do something."

You can only not do something if you believe this to be true.

Your belief is what creates your reality and as long as you give it power and life, it will continue to keep staying true because the Universe and your Brain MUST keep it that way UNTIL you change that belief and then, your reality will follow.


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