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EP#243 - The Successful Male

In this episode, I interviewed the creator of, "The Successful Male," Joesph DiRoma.

Joe and I discussed what it takes to be a successful male in this world and how, growing up, both being Italians, we couldn't truly share our feelings or emotions as they were viewed as being weak.

Joe discusses his journey through this process and shares his methods of what it takes and the journey to becoming a Successful Male in the modern-day world!

Tune in and let us know what you think!

Who is Joseph DiRoma?

Joseph is a Newfield Certified Coach trained in ontology, somatic disposition, emotional intelligence and specializes in personal development and leadership. Joseph first discovered his passion for people development while leading teams in operations in the hospitality industry. Being a product of personal transformation himself, he wanted to provide support for others to discover their full potential and gifts.

At The Successful Male, Joseph is leading the way toward developing a global community of men into better versions of themselves: more purposeful, more confident, more motivated, high character leaders who impact their families, community, and nations.

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