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EP#234 - Master the Law of Attraction

In this interview, I had the pleasure of interviewing Andrew Kapp. Andrew and I talk about many things relating to the Law of Attraction.

Ever since the Secret, Law of Attraction was shared among the masses to learn how this Universal Law can truly help transform your life.

But, since its birth, many people have tried so many different methods to use the Law of Attraction to experiencing the life they desire but may have hit many walls and obstacles.

In this episode, Andrew will share his expertise on the Law of Attraction and why his book is the last one you will ever need to read.

Tune in and if you like the podcast episode, share a review and pay it forward by sharing this episode with someone you know that would benefit from it!

Who is Andrew Kapp?

Andrew Kap holds one goal above all others through his various projects: Genuine and Sustainable Impact. His latest offering, “The Last Law of Attraction Book You’ll Ever Need To Read” offers readers a never-before-seen understanding of the topic — that no other “LOA” book has ever been able to do — by going the extra mile of finally addressing WHY people who get excited about trying it still can’t manage to get in the habit of using these methods for just five minutes a day. The book has enjoyed continued success, including hundreds of 5-star rave reviews, #1 Best Seller status in multiple categories on Amazon, and a growing YouTube channel devoted to it. How to Connect with Andrew? Instagram: YouTube: Grab a Copy of His Book: ------------------------------------------------------------ Get Connected with Dr. Vic Facebook: Instagram: LinkedIn: Parler: YouTube: Bit.Ly/38QULv91 Life Mastery 5-Week Online Course - Special for 2020 Download first 3 Chapters to Dr. Vic's New Book for FREE Looking for Coaching? Email

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