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EP#233 - What Is Your Code?

What are the codes that you live your life by?

What are the truths that you follow no matter what?

What are the standards that you have put on your life to level up?

Code is computer programming that is written for a computer to follow specific patterns or processes. It allows for the computer to function and read in the machine language.

The program can only follow based on what has been written.

Yes, AI tech and DNA programming have changed the way things work, but for the most simplistic stuff, the code can only function based upon the parameters that have been put upon it.

In your life, what parameters have you set?

What are the levels you are willing to thrive to or do you choose to stay in the world of comfort?

These are codes and there are so many ways you can use them.

Tune into this week's episode as I share codes I use in my life and how you can set them for yourself.

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