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EP#231 - Tap In, Turn On

Did you know the human body is the highest form of technology that humans have ever experienced and created?

So much of our lives are about experiencing the external and allowing what we see from our external environment, dictate our internal environment.

The sages and mystics talked about the opposite. They talked about how your inner-world, transforms your outer world. It is the same that goes for the saying, "It is not what happens to you, but how you respond/react to it."What is this inner world and how can it govern us through the ocean of life?

How can it guide us when we face a storm and feel the wrath of the raging waters of life?

In my 2nd book, "A Walk in the Dark," I share concepts and ideas that can help you massive transform this darkness (challenges/obstacles) and see the light that you shall experience from it.

In this episode, I will share a concept on why it is important to TAP IN, TURN ON your energy, your intuition, your body awareness so that you can use this amazing technological tool to guide you in creating the life you could only dream was possible.

Tune in below and let us know what you think!


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