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EP#230 - Never Give In

Ever feel like you started off life on the wrong foot? Or been dealt a bad hand in life?

I know I used to think the same way. I literally started life on the wrong foot being born with bilateral clubfoot.

But, in this episode, I learned what I went through in my life through my own health issues, which was nothing compared to my guest.

Nathaneal will share his story of what health challenges he faced in life, and how he learned to overcome to create the life that he desires.

He didn't give in to the bad hand, or the wrong foot mindset. He gave into his dreams and from there, transformation in his life occurred. He created the impossible to make it I'M POSSIBLE.

This episode is for those who feel like life is just draining you and you wish you could just take a break or have a different experience. Tune in and be inspired. This one is for you!

Who is Nathaneal Zurbruegg?

My journey has taken me from being chronically ill for 30 years, having had a medical prognosis like “He shouldn’t be able to walk, talk and should be death six times by now”!

As well as going through 3 failed kidney transplants; over 4500 life-saving treatments so far; several depressions that almost led to suicide and an 80% hearing loss that helps me to only hear what I really want to hear! :)

Well, I’m alive like never before!

That all hasn’t stopped me from living a life above average. Becoming an entrepreneur, multiple award-winning global inspirational speaker, victorious mindset mentor, running a 30 km race, and more!

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