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EP#228 - Shine Bright in Life

In this episode, I had the pleasure to share space with Carley Hauck. We discuss all aspects of life, but especially these turbulent times we are living in and what are the things we can do to help us ease the darkness, shine bright and truly allow for us to see a different perspective.

I had a blast on here and the information shared will truly give you some hope but more importantly, no matter how dark your life may be at this time or at any given time, it will give you that opportunity to SHINE that light bright.

Tune in for more and let us know what you think!

Who is Carley Hauck?

Carley Hauck is a learning architect, leadership development consultant, author, speaker, and serves as adjunct faculty at Stanford University and UC Berkeley Haas School of Business teaching on the subject of leadership and business as a platform for positive change in the world.

For the last decade, she has served hundreds of leaders and companies in Fortune 100 companies and high growth start-ups such as: LinkedIn, Genentech, Pixar, Clif Bar, Intuit, Bank of the West, etc. to up-level their leadership skills, cultivate their recipes for resilience, and create thriving workplaces and mission drive businesses.

Carley feels inspired to guide leaders with a new skill set of tools to support the next paradigm of conscious leadership and business that is emerging in our changing world. In her upcoming book, Shine- Ignite your inner game to lead consciously at work and the world, Carley guides readers on a transformational inner to outer journey to inspire a new workplace and world that works for everyone and prioritizes people and planet first.

Carley’s writing and work has been featured in Mindful Magazine, Conscious Company Media, 15 Five, and Emerging Women. Additionally, Carley is the host of the inspiring Shine podcast.

She interviews leaders on the practices and tools they use to rise amidst adversity, lead with authenticity, love, and influence business to be a force for good in the world.

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