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EP#226 - Creating Pivot in Your Life

In this episode, I had the pleasure of interviewing Margaret Alabi and what a life story she has.

In this episode, we swing right into the conversation that we were discussing about her life story, how she ended up where she is at and why she is so passionate about all that she is doing.

In this episode, she will talk about the metabolic processes of the body:

1. Catabolic

2. Anabolic

One is breaking down and the other is building up.

These processes are going on all the time within the body but she uses this as a metaphor to life and how you have to focus on your energy and truly understand that your success is determined your energy and so much more.

Tune in as she shares a much deeper concept on this topic!

Who is Margaret Alabi?

Margaret is a natural people person and loves connecting and listening. As an experienced industry pharmacist, she is a patient advocate, making sure the patient's voice is heard throughout the drug innovation process. She believes in always putting people first. Margaret has used these skills to co-found The Pivot Consulting Group. Pivot coaches clients in their personal and professional lives to take their potential to purpose. Clients learn techniques like how to become their most authentic self, how to best tell their story and identify what is holding them back to just name a few.

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