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EP#224 - Becoming Graceful

In this episode, I had the pleasure to enjoy sharing space with Angelica Grace.

I have had the honor to see this amazing woman shine bright and truly do the work.

In this episode, we talk about the importance of connecting with our higher selves, the angelic realms, the purpose of working with a psychic medium and how to truly live a Graceful life.

Tune in and let us know what you think!

Who is Angelica Grace?

Angelica always knew she had a gift with helping others transform themselves and guiding them towards their most authentic selves. When she began to deepen her connection with spirit and her angel guides, she realized her mediumship and psychic abilities were also strengthening.

She has a strong connection to the angel realm and knows the importance of connecting with loved ones. She knew by deepening this part of herself she would be able to help others through dark times in their lives. As she has gone through deep soulful healing. While going through this healing, and as she continues to, she knew that helping share this wisdom and helping others is her life’s work.

Angelica can help you gain clarity on getting through the darkness, giving you new clear insight into your selves, and connecting you with loved ones and their important messages for you. She is the author of Graceful: A Soul’s Journey, which can give you more insight into her own self transformation from dark to light. Angelica has dedicated her life to helping all those who need the extra support while on their own soul transformational path.

How to Connect with Angelica?




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