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EP#220 - Level-Up Your Relationships

In this episode, I had the opportunity to share some space with Louis Morris who is a Relationship and Spiritual coach.  In this laid-back episode, Louis and I talk about the hardships people are facing, especially relationships due to COVID and the lockdowns each state and parts of the world are experiencing.

Louis will share some insightful and creative ways to keep the spice up in your relationship, how to keep things fresh and never experience a dull moment.

Tune in as I will also share some personal stories that relate to the advice Louis gives in this episode.

Who is Louis Morris?

Louis is the host of the Heart Matters Podcast as well an author of several self help books. He is a life and relationship coach that focuses on effective communication, affection, being fascinating and fascinated by your partner.  Louis offers straight talk and insightful advice on all these issues and more. His coaching mantra : matters of the heart that if reflected and acted upon will improve the inner and outer condition of the person.

Louis also provides answers and solutions for spiritual questions. His work is all about improving people's lives from the inside out and helping clients and listeners start living the life of their dreams one step at a time. He offers coaching and other resources like his podcast, online blog and books such as The Heart Matters by Louis Morris.

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