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EP#216 - How the Envirome Affects You

In this episode, I had the pleasure of speaking with Ted Smith. 

Ted has a wealth of knowledge and is really up to some amazing things. One of the biggest projects he is focusing on is the envirome and how important it is, we focus on this first, before anything else to help with our health and our mind.

Ted has a long list of credentials and I truly appreciate his passion in the work he is doing, not only for the environment, but also for the people. His work will truly show how important it is to connect with nature and that, the more we connect with nature, the better it serves our overall health and well-being.

Who is Ted Smith?

Ted is an Associate Professor of pharmacology and toxicology, Deputy Director of the Christina Lee Brown Envirome Institute, and Director of the Center for Healthy Air Water and Soil at the University of Louisville School of Medicine. The Center for Healthy Air Water and Soil is focused on research that addresses the promotion of human health in urban environments.

Many projects within the Envirome Institute share a focus on the biophilia hypothesis that suggests our fundamental affiliation with our broader ecology mediates disease risk. Several of these projects require sensor and data technologies, not only sensors for monitoring ambient particulate matter, noise pollution and air toxics, but also for measuring physical activity or personal biometric data.

The Institute and Center develops comprehensive and integrative approaches for acquiring environmental and individual-level data that could inform and enable new types of community-based observational or clinical studies. Previously Ted served as Chief Innovation Officer for the City of Louisville Kentucky where he created the largest real time asthma surveillance research program AIRLouisville.

Ted received his B.S. in Biology and Psychology from Allegheny College, his M.S. and PhD in Experimental Psychology from Miami University and completed his post-doctoral studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Man Vehicle Laboratory. Ted was co-investigator on the Neurolab space shuttle mission.

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