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4 Universal Laws within 2 Bible Verses to Share The Power of Visualization

Transcription below:

What up guys its Dr. Vic here

Excited to share this episode with you as we're going to be discussing something a quote in the Bible. It's actually one of my favorite quotes in the Bible.

To give you a backstory, I've actually read the Bible twice when I was in high school. And it was one of the things I just went through a couple of years to get to the first get through it once. Then my senior year, I read it again.

And I was looking for wisdom and seeking a lot of different things. And I've kind of gone away from it for a while. And I'm coming back now with a different perspective of all I've learned. And I'm looking at where has like the Bible have some quotes or some things that relate to other stuff I've studied over the last 15 years.

And this is one of these quotes that I kind of talk about a lot. It's kind of one of the things I work with the coaching clients with the furred that differentiates me differently in so many ways. But this quote called is from her back Becca to its verse two, verse three, and what it states is, and I'm going to read it, and I'm gonna break it down for you a little bit. But it talks about and then God answered right this right what you see, write it out in a big block letter so that it can be read on the run this vision messages or witness pointing to what's coming.

It aches for the coming, it can hardly wait and it does not lie. If it seems slow and coming. Wait, it's on its way it'll come at the right time. Now, why is this quote so critical? If you've been following my podcast for quite some time, you'll know the messages that are in there. But if not, I want to break this down of why this is so powerful. There are so many universal laws in here, and tailor to how life works right? First is God says right this right what you see if you don't like God put universe but Yahweh puts Jesus or whatever you want to label doesn't matter.

But it's right what you see, right? The vision within your mind's eye, you got to write it down, you got to take it from the nonphysical to put it into the physical. And so when you do that, all of a sudden, now you're projecting this out, okay? Write it down in a big black letter. So that can be read on the run the vision message, right? You cannot imagine something unless it could be possible for you that is a law.

Let me go back to that. Again, you cannot imagine something unless it is possible for you. Think about that for a second. So think about the things you want to create what you want to have in your life, how great of a marriage or relationships you want to have with your friends, your family, your partner, your kids, how much money do you want to make all these things are possible if you can imagine it, if you can see it in your mind's eye, because it says right in the quote, if you see it in your mind's eye, you can then make it possible, then it will be shouting out to the world you want to write it down.

This is the process to create things from nonphysical into the physical. Now for you listening, this may be going this little out there. Everything comes from the nonphysical or the physical. My phone right here comes from the nonphysical, someone was on a phone with the old phone with the line landline, and all that wanted to go outside and have a conversation and got yanked in from that moment. wouldn't it be cool if I can have a phone without a wire? Wha nonphysical, right? And then started thinking it up?

How would it look? How am I going to do that? You're mapping it out. Because your vision and what you write could be so many different things. And it's how you want to project it through images through work through writing it out. But it has to be clear, you have to share that okay?

Then we get into another law because this is all law of attraction. This is the law of vibration law of manifestation, all these things. But one of the things I want to share is that it says the vision messages a witness pointing to what's coming. It's aching for the coming. That's been said that what you seek is also seeking you.

Okay, whatever you seek in your life is also interested in you. Now somebody says how is this to be true? Well, let me take a step back. And I want to break this down a little bit. When you project something out there, you're creating an idea that idea wants to have life to exist to be experienced, right? It can be anything in the world. And so when you put the energy there, you're giving it an opportunity to say oh my goodness, they're calling me. Yes, this is what I want. I want to be there. I'll be the one this is awesome. This person is going to give me the life to have an experience.

To be an idea can be a product, it can be anything you want to be how much money you want to make, what kind of office you want to run, what kind of business you want to have, what kind of partner you want to be what kind of physical health you want to have it it doesn't matter. All that matters is are you first off being crystal clear in that perspective. But as it said, what you seek is also seeking you so it's going to want to be there okay, and Then as we go into this quote, It dives deeper.

And it doesn't lie. If it seems slow incoming Wait, it's on its way. It'll come right on time. And the quote some other quotes to Terry and Terry's me, it takes a long time. This is something I teach a lot of my clients when I'm working with creating a vision, I don't like to put timeframes on things, because at the end of the day, there's something called divine timing, okay? Everything happens when you're ready.

This is another universal law, it's called the law of gender, everything in life, everything in the physical realm has a gestational period. Now, my gestational period versus someone else's gestational period is different. But if we stick to what we do, if we stay clear to what we want to have, and we set that image out there, and we are crystal clear with it, right, what we seek is also going to seek us. And we're using universal laws, the law of attraction and things along with that nature, it's inevitable, it's going to happen, just like the law of consistency follows that also, as long as you're consistent, consistently projecting, there are multiple laws in this one quote, that really clarifies and gives depth because it says, if you're, if you're staying focused with us, and if you stick with it, then it's inevitable, it's going to happen.

So let's take a step back here, because this is information, right? Great information can maybe be a little bit eye-opening for you. But at the same token, there has to be action, right? Because we live in a world of so much information, and more information that you consume, actually, in my opinion, can sometimes hold you back, it did it to me. And I've seen clients that it has done this to also because there comes a point where you just got to take action, you got to commit to something and take action and work with that. And so when you're looking at your life now, I talked about the five M’s in life. First is a mindset, and just in my coaching realms, I talk a lot about, you know, the five M's you have to always work on, and that's gonna be your mindset.

And for mindset, all they're all them. So mindset, movement, which is your physical health marriage, which is all your relationships, mission, purpose, and legacy in life. And then the last one's money. This comes into career business and your financial wealth. And so when you look at these five M's, these are the five things that you want to look at in every avenue to see how do you want to expand to be that version of you?

How do you want to level up? And remember, if you can imagine it, is possible, because it's the law. And so you could not imagine something without it being a potential for you. And so when you understand that everything takes time, the law of gender, everything has gestational periods where it takes a period of time before it happens.

You can call it divine timing, know that as long as you commit law of consistency states, as long as you commit to that, it will become a reality, you just have to say focus centered and concentrate on that. And it will happen, it will, it's law, I'm not making these rules up, I didn't create them, I just studied them, learn them, applied them in my life, and saw a massive transformation in my life in many different areas. And one of the hardest things to be transparent is patience. It's one of the hardest things because you want something you want to see it happen, you know that you're doing all the work, and it's just not happening and you get frustrated. But there's a cooking process.

Just like Baking, baking is pure science, you can own you have to do everything to the tee, you cannot alter something or change something it has to be to the tee and cooked to the prospect and time and everything has to be a certain way. Or else it's not going to come out great or won't come out the way it's supposed to. That's baking, that's life is the exact same thing. And so when you're looking at creating the recipe of what you want to do, you have to understand there's going to be a process to achieve just that. And if you do the work, stay consistent and understand these things.

Right, Rebecca to into u verses three, two, verse two, verse three. But if you look at that, remember, write it out, you got to get the NAM to the nonphysical to the physical, right, you got to have a vision, you got to look at it and see it and so forth. This is stuff I've talked about all the time. There there, you have to understand my background. The reason why I'm so big on vision is that I've studied a multitude of different religions, backgrounds, spirituality, backgrounds, and so forth. And all of them talk about vision. Now, a lot of times when I work with people, they'll say, oh, I have a vision, I this is what I want to do. But you have to understand, when you really do this work, I thought I did too.

I had this long written vision, I thought it was all great. And then when I started looking at this, I was actually doing it wrong. And I studied with a lot of different people. And it was wrong in the sense that it has to be crystal clear and concise. When you truly no something when you're truly congruent with something when you're truly straightforward with something and you're it's really your truth. There are fewer words.

You don't have to say much. You just say and that's it and there's like there's nothing else you have to say. And so it's working with that but know that this is okay if I can wrap up this whole entire episode here is this number one, write out what you desire in life. Write out what you want for 2022 Hell take it further and do that. for five months, okay?

The second thing you have to understand is that what you seek is also seeking you, okay? It is looking for life, what you want to create to the world, what you want to give to the world, and all those things, it is seeking you just as much as you're seeking it. Okay, then we understand that the law of gestation, the law of gender plays a role, you got to understand that everything's divine timing, you have to trust in that no matter what.

And then the last is the law of consistency. So you have to continually be putting into this, not saying, well, after three, six months, or a year later, I haven't got to, I want to get to this shit don't work, and then move on to something else. Well, now all of a sudden, you change the game, all of a sudden, you're redirected.

And now all that energy or putting the momentum and everything you had they're gone or minimized. And now you have to you're recreating and starting all over. And so the key is, this is where most people, this is where people say, I tried that it didn't work, or I did this, and it didn't happen. Or I did this and it didn't work out for me. Usually, it's that right there. And I know because that was me, in the first five years of my career, I was bouncing off walls, creating things, 2,3,4 months, if I didn't see a pickup fast enough, gone, let's move on some else. And then I shifted gears, I put this in the play, I didn't have expectations, I just stuck to the what I wrote out what I wanted to see right vision boards, all these kinds of things.

And I said this is what I'm gonna create. In my head, I played it all the time, like a tape, the law of consistency kept going. And what happened, what I saw inside my eyes, we're able to see, as Bob Proctor says what you see in your mind, you're going to hold it within your hand. And I had those experiences in multitudes of ways.

And it was fascinating was amazing was like, How was this happening? And I'm like, Okay, how much more can I play with this? And it was, it was fun to do. And so I know, it works. And I've helped many clients with this. I've helped clients through COVID, who had to shut down their businesses had no income coming in because the business had to close. And we worked on things, to shift gears to truly create what they wanted in their life, what they wanted to project to the world, their gift, and so much more.

And now you're two years later, thriving and killing it. Okay. And why is that some of the things I'm sharing just as simple as this, just like in health with chiropractors, you know, chiropractic, and a lot of times patients, we do an adjustment, especially the first one. And they're always like, I will get this a lot most of the time, especially the technique I practice. It was one of the things where it's like, that's it, that's all you're going to do. And I'll walk them through and say, I know your program probably thinks there's a lot more that needs to be done.

But health is actually really simple. There's not really a complicated process. I know that we've been trained and conditioned for medical doctors, and the media and all these things to make it seem like health is such a hard thing. But in reality, it's really, really simple. Guess what else is simple? Success? Yes, is your hard work and grind and all those things. Of course, there is. But the rules to it are actually very simple.

The problem is people get so distracted in this world today that they lose out and they keep shifting directions, or hearing listening to all these different people. And the thing is, sometimes you don't need to listen too much anymore. I'll share a quick story. Before we wrap up, I had somebody who, when I first came out of chiropractic school, I was a Reiki Master and trainer, energy medicine trained, trained practitioner.

There are about 10 to 12 different energy modalities, I would use, motion releasing and things like that past life timeline therapy, motion code, retention, reconnection therapy, I did a lot of different things. And but I also did practice chiropractic, but I would use other modalities to help people shift and transform.

And I have one person who was interviewed a patient. And I was telling her what books I was reading and how much I was reading I was at that time was about 100 120 2030 books a year. That's how much I was consuming information.

And she looked at me and I go, how many, you know, what do you books are you reading and so forth. And she's like, I don't read anymore. I'm like, Whoa, you got to read in order to evolve, you gotta grow, you got to learn, you got to, it's just like, not necessarily. She goes, there comes a point in time, where you're gonna be more in tune and let it guide you rather than just going out and listening to what everyone says and listening to download and take that information. Now what was fascinating for me, is it took about five to six years from that moment.

And what I found out was that was true, because it came to a point where and when end up happening is I consumed less and less information. And I know that I still read maybe anywhere from 1015 books to 30 books a year. But what I'll do is I'll focus hyper-focus on one thing, and let that guide me and I'll implement and keep working at it until implemented in my life and becomes what I do. And then from there, I'll move on to the next thing. It's drastically a different approach.

I read way less than I used to. But one of the biggest things out of that process. I feel like I'm getting more information now than I was reading 10 times that. So that's what I got for you guys when it comes to staying consistent. Practicing trusting going doing the work and seeing it through.

That's going to create a transformation for you especially in 22 and 2022 and beyond. So have fun with this and guess what If you need help if you're looking for someone who can guide you along the process, be an accountability partner help you stay fine-tuned what you want to create, create the game plan hold you to it, and make that a reality for you. That's me. Shoot me a message and Facebook and Instagram and just put in their podcasts or email me Dr. Vic and empower you really calmly and just put 2022 in there.

Thanks for that's what I got for you guys. If you're shy, pay it rock and roll it share it with someone that you know could benefit from this. If this is your first time tuning in. Please follow us connect with us so you don't miss another amazing episode. Until next time, keep rocking and rolling.

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