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EP#208 - It Just Is... You Create The Rest...

Humans are story tellers and our perspectives in life truly can dictate our experiences...

In this episode, I will be sharing how an event is just an event, and how you express, explain, put emotions and are energetically charged to the event, is what gives it life and its experiences for you.

The mind is a fascinating thing and most of the time, how you see an event is through a filter. A bias if you will. This is why 10 people can all experience the same event and end up with 10 different stories of the event.

At the end of the day, what's your perspective of the event, is what will play a role for you in your life.

Tune in as I share 2 personal stories on this topic and much more that will give you the best advice I can share as this is my first podcast episode in my new year!


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