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EP#202 - How Can You See with Foggy Glasses?

Clarity is a key component into creating alignment with the life and person you desire to experience to allow for the manifestation to be easier.

Clarity and Vision put together truly creates a magnetic force to allow for manifestation to work.

In this podcast, I share a story of my recent certification exams I was taking and how I needed to set a deadline and seeing the path towards that deadline, how it helped me get there.

I use this in all big major tasks that I am accomplishing, when it comes to writing a new book, working on a new online course, setting up a string of podcasts and so much more.

It allows for me to be massively productive but very intentional in the work that I do.

Tune in and enjoy the recap at the end of the podcast that I share to help you get in alignment to create more magnetic power to manifest the life you desire and the person you want to become...


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