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EP#200 -Why Do Some Experience Anxiety, Fear and Worry?

With the troubling times we are seeing in the world, one of the things that I had a bigger worry about was not COVID but the effects of mental health on many of the countries and states that were shutting down.

I knew, as a doctor, the effects on one's mental health would do more damage than COVID would ever...

In this episode, as we release the 200th episode that we are releasing today, I am excited to share with you, the main reason why we experience anxiety, fear, and worry.

I will share with you one simple trick that you can do to help break this pattern and give you some clarity and hope through the process.

For all those that been a subscriber and follow the podcast, from everyone at The Mindful Experiment, we greatly appreciate your support through this magical journey.

We look forward to the next 100 episodes of bringing amazing content to help you gain more freedom in life, write the rules to your life as you desire and truly understand the infinite potential you have within...

Much love and Namaste!

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