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EP#195 - Connecting and Manifesting with Oils

In this podcast episode, I had the pleasure to interview Darius Mills. Darius has a unique story and method that he utilized to transform his life that he now teaches many to do the same thing.

In 2016, Darius was living in his Black Toyota Camry with his small dog, Romeo. He lived in that car for 2.5 months. It was the darkest moment in his life by far. During this time he was visited by Arcturian ancestors who told him that if he survived this hardship he would thrive.

Two years later he manifested a job in South Korea. The job paid for his airfare, healthcare, pension, severance, rent, and a salary. One year later, he manifested a 5 figure move to Vietnam from South Korea. 60 days later the Coronavirus happened but Vietnam has never had more than 250 active cases.

They were only in quarantine for 23 days. He manifested the perfect move at the perfect time and he used conjure oils to do. Conjure oils are potions of manifestation ranging from having the ability to attract love/money to be able to open up unseen doors of opportunities for your business and life to flourish.

He has created a signature method to ensure the conjure oils creation process is super simple.

He calls it the "CCC Method." This is the method he has taught his students in his online course: Conjure & Create. He had students manifest new homes, businesses, spouses, freedom, emotional wellbeing, and more.

The CCC Method:

C - Connect To Your Ancestors

C - Conjure Your Ancestors

C - Create Potent Conjure Oils

He has made it his life’s purpose to spread the wealth of these conjure oils and empire future generations by teaching them the CCC Method.

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