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EP#193 - Faith is the Storm Killer

Faith is something I had in an early part of my life.

I wasn't taught to have faith within myself in the beginning but I was taught to have faith in God.

As I continued to get older, with more experiences, wisdom, and knowledge, I started to have more faith within myself which was the same thing as having faith in God.

From that moment, I started to develop more faith within myself and started to realize, all things start and end with me.

I learned that the amount of faith I have within me is the level of the storm I can face.

When a dark moment of life came and it was more than what I was able to handle, I learned many lessons and one was, I didn't have enough faith within myself.

Since the many dark nights and storms, I have faced in my life and will continue to, my faith within has grown to be stronger and stronger.

I have calmed the inner critic and let myself dictate how things will be and how it will go.

It's amazing what comes from that...

Tune in for more!


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