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EP#191 - Powerful Beyond Measure

You are powerful beyond measure...

I will never forget hearing those words in the movie, "Coach Carter," in which the quote was done by Marianne Williamson.

Ever since hearing that, I went on a journey to see how true that was. And, after a couple of years, I realized and started to imagine the power of what we hold as human beings.

It has been a lifelong journey to understand this but that quote sparked the interest to say, "Now is the time to learn."

How powerful are you?

Can you imagine that power?

For me, what I learned is, the power of who you are, dictates your reality.

What you give power to, gives life to. So, your reality is not dictated by anything else rather than yourself.

You choose the reality of what is true for you.

And the mind must abide by it, as long as you program it that way.

In this episode, I will cover all these things and more and share a few stories to align with it all.

The time is now, that we must understand this, to transform the world into the new age.

The new age of what many spiritual followers have been calling, "The New Earth, or "the Shift."

Tune in and share your thoughts in the comments!


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