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EP#188 - The Art of Distractions

In this episode, I wanted to share you with many topics and concepts that can help you transform your life and create more of what you want.

Right now in the world, there is much uncertainty and fear.

From COVID, to the return of COVID, BLM, Riots, etc., are affecting us all in some way shape or form.

For me, I have always focused on utilizing the energy to create more of the life I desire.

When COVID came around to the US, I realized that this will help shift the values of many Americans and have them see what truly matters to them.

The riots and the protests have shown and showed us to have more understanding for other lives and how there is an injustice to the system.

I will be sharing another podcast this week that will talk about perspectives and how it can transform your perspective on race BLM, WLM, ALM and much more.

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