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EP#183 - To Be In Flow With Life

Flow is something I had to learn and struggled with surrendering to the unlimited wisdom of the Universe.

Growing up, I didn't have a choice in many things. I was told many more times what to do, how to feel, rather than share how I felt, or where I was coming from.

What this did in my life when I became older was, I wanted to control things more. There is a good to this and a bad. The good part was, I knew within myself that my destiny was determined by me and no one would tell me differently.

The bad thing, when some things didn't turn out as expected, it brought much stress, but what was worse, the inner critic within me grabbed a microphone and put the volume on 11 out of 10. Ever been there before?

It took me much time to learn how to let go more, trust the process, surrender, and learn how to be in a state of flow.

In this episode, I dive deep into this concept and how COVID and the global crisis is helping us return back home and realize this perspective.

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