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EP#178 - How to Be A Spiritual Ninja

In this episode, I had an honor to share space with the amazing spiritual ninja, Jannelle Christa.

Who is Jannelle Christa?

My Story is Your Story

If you’ve experienced it… chances are, I have been there, too. Not to be too presumptuous or anything, but think I can say with confidence, I’ve been through the wringer in my relatively short life, so not much shocks or phases me.

I have suffered. I have been abused in all ways imaginable. I have been an addict. I have had a mental illness. I’ve been on death’s door. I have been betrayed, deceived, abandoned. I’ve had anxiety, PTSD, panic attacks, shame and pain and was diagnosed as bi-polar. I come from a history of affairs, divorce, and family dysfunction (to say the least). I have experienced dire poverty and the terror of being a young single mom with no support. For the longest time I had no sense of self, no sense of a future, and time and time again I was deeply suicidal. Yes, by most definitions, I’ve suffered.

And you probably have, too.

Maybe, like me, you were also born a highly sensitive person, or even identify with the word “empath”. That leads to its own, deep and confusing kind of pain, doesn’t it?

But I made it.

It took a lot of tenacity, massive action, dedication, and insane patience to climb that mountain and get over to the other side… And it all started with a CHOICE.

I made the firm and conscious choice to DREAM and choose a different path than the one I was on. That was the most difficult part. I had to tap into what I know now are my (and your) primary superpowers: choice, will, and love.

She is the author of her new book: Spiritual Ninja which can be found on Amazon and other online retailers.

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