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EP#174 - Investing into the Mindfulness Movement

In this episode, I had the pleasure of talking with Charlie Hartwell from Bridge Builder's Collaborative.

Who is Charlie Hartwell?

Charlie Hartwell is the Managing Partner of Bridge Builders Collaborative, a group of highly successful investors who have been investing in start-up companies in the space of mental wellness, consciousness, and spirituality.

A Harvard Business School graduate, Charlie has served and led organizations in 14 different industries, including starting a non-profit in the slums of Kenya in 1986 that has now served health care to several million patients. He also founded the first for-profit expedition company in US History to promote the Bancroft Arnesen Expedition - a historical 17,000-mile crossing of Antarctica by two women who became the first to cross the continent on foot.

Now Charlie and his company are passionate about supporting the growth of a new movement around mental fitness, heart-centered connection, consciousness evolution, and improved health care. Bridge Builders has invested in such companies as Pear Therapeutics, Insight Timer, Headspace, Happify, and others.

How to Connect with Charlie?

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