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EP#162 - Discover the Power that Drives Your Personality

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In this interview, I had the pleasure of interviewing John Voris. John has a unique way that he has discovered to which determines how we behave, what fuels our passion and what makes us happy.

John even takes a moment to share what type I am (Power, Love, Justice, and Wisdom) and how it plays a role in my life as a doctor and other aspects of my life.

Who is John Voris?

John Voris educates about the very things that make us tick, the roots that make for success or failure in our work, relationships and personal well-being. John is a philosopher, writer, and psychological researcher. John earned his degree from the University of California with a degree in Philosophy.

“Discover the Power That Drives Your Personality” is the result of over 20 years of application and another 16 years of research. By applying European discoveries into field applications involving hundreds of sales prospects, John invented a ground-breaking approach to personal inquiry that revealed a person’s life motivation and authentic design far beyond sales. He discovered that our drive for personal Happiness, Meaning, Purpose, and Harmony manifests the hidden power beneath our observed personality.

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