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EP#160 - The Ultimate Boost from Within

Dr. Leonard S. Scott is is the founder and CEO of the nation’s oldest gospel recording company, Tyscot, Inc., which has been home to many superstar recording artists in the genre. He is also a highly sought- after health practitioner in the field of dentistry, a radio talk show host on health, a pastor, and author of three books. Dr. Scott has been a successful dentist for over 40 years and is based in Indianapolis. He pastors Rock Church there, but has traveled throughout the United States and abroad, speaking on health-related topics and preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. He hosts the radio talk show Medically Speaking, sponsored by the Marion County Public Health Department.

Along with his business ventures and ministry endeavors, Dr. Scotthas honed his skills as a musician and songwriter. He has recorded several albums, and the proceeds from his latest release,Greatness of Your Love, have been donated to support the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in their fight against blood cancer. In addition to his books Soaring with Eagles and Be Lifted Up, Dr. Scott also serves as a staff writer for Christian Outlook Magazine. He and his wife Christine are the proud parents of seven. He serves with encouragement, instruction, and enlightenment, providing tools through speaking, books, workshops, and lectures to help individuals improve physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, financially and spiritually.

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