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EP#155 - How to Reset Your Vibes

In this episode, I had too much coffee than normal and you can tell while I am sharing with you how to reset your vibes in any situation in life. (just being real here).

The thing is, we all face ruts in life. We get in those moments. Some last a second, some last months.

But what are things you can do to break out of them?

What are things that will help you shift your perspective, mood, mindset, views and get back connected to what inspires you?

Distractions are what allow us to get into these things. Distractions are what lower our vibes. Distractions are what affect many facets of our lives.

In this episode, I will share 4-5 tips on what you can do to help you get back to being focused, getting out of a rut and re-connect the infinite source of who you are which allows for you to experience inspiration, fulfillment, bliss, joy, and more!

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