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EP#143 - Understanding the Dark, Our Reality and Much More

This is an unique episode where this is a recording of me, Dr. Vic., being interviewed by my doctor in our Chiropractic office, Dr. Beau Blakeley from The Wellness Path.

Each month, he performs something called, "FB Live Biz Spotlight," where he highlights a business in our community, has their database ask us questions regarding Chiropractic and our database will ask the other business questions about what they do and the services they offer.

We truly do this to create community awareness and also helps us create partnerships that we believe are a good fit and model for what we do.

In this FB Live Biz Spotlight, Dr. Beau wanted to interview me about my new book, what is Empowered Reality, and much more.

He truly did his homework as he read my new book, had studied my business from the inside and out a has first had experience with one-on-one coaching.

Tune in and enjoy the recording!


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