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EP#140 - The Fixation of EGO

In this 5th continued episode of my new book, "A Walk in the Dark," we discuss the 5th chapter called, "The Fixation of Ego."

In this episode, we discuss how this chapter was not designed to be in the book, how leading a life lead by EGO limits and fixes you into the mental prison most of us are in and what is our natural, spiritual aspect when it comes to growth, evolving and expanding.

Some of the concepts I will cover:

  • What makes people good and what makes people legendary

  • Why does the EGO create a limited life and perspective?

  • Why is mindset so critical when it comes to achieving success in your life? (definition of success is different for everyone)

  • What is the natural aspect of the spirit and how it is not a fixed mindset

  • What gives us eternal life as a soul?

  • And so much more! :)

Tune in and let us know what you think!

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