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EP#125 - The Importance of Connecting with your Intuition


MarciMoberg is an intuitive coach and healer with a passion for reconnecting sensitive souls to their forgotten intuitive nature and the unseen guiding realms of life. She empowers big-hearted empathic people to stand in their power, trust their intuition, and live their truth. Marci’s work includes mentoring individuals and groups to develop their intuition, to navigate life transitions with purpose, create authentic relationships, and realize their true potential. She is the teacher of Intuition 101: the life-changing course on practical intuition development. Marcihas been featured on the Huffington Post, Reader’s Digest, Bustle and is a contributor on and Marcihas been interviewed for her expertise on News4, WUSA9 and Newschannel 8 in Washington, D.C and many podcasts.

Prior to this, Marcispent 9 years traveling the world as a conflict resolution expert for USAID. While there, she completed her Master's Degree at George Mason University and doctoral coursework in Conflict Analysis and Resolution fulfilling her desire to more deeply understand the human mind and behavior. Despite achieving much of the “American dream,” Marcifelt deeply unfulfilled and developed faced several health crises. This sparked her spiritualjourney that led her to leave an unhealthy marriage, reclaim her intuitive gifts, and discover her purpose..After years of inner healing, she worked up the courage to resign from her tenured position to follow her dream of working full time to transform people's lives. Today Marcihas reached thousands of people through consultations, weekly classes, workshops, trainings, andspeaking engagements.



Instagram: @MarciMoberg


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