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EP#120 - Change Your Inner World, Changes Your Outer

In this episode, I share the concept of, when you change within, the people around you will start to change.

Why is that?

What law or rule is out there that proves this to be true?

Many times, when you truly make a shift within yourself, most of the time, your friends, specific family members, co-workers, etc., will change. And I don't mean them personally but instead, they may not be as close to you anymore.

Your inner world dictates the outer world as the source of your reality is from within you.

When you make a shift to aspire to higher levels of consciousness, the Universe will help remove people out of your way that do not serve the greater good for you and for them.

This is why people will change around you, once you change and so much more.

Tune in to hear the whole episode as I go deep into this concept.

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