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EP#118 - What Dictates Our Behavior and Outcomes in Life?

There are so many factors that determine our behaviours, actions, thoughts, etc.

But, what if there was a common demoniator that dictated all behaviours? All actions?

Why are some successful and some are not?

Why are some happy and some are not?

Why are some athletes super successful and some are not?

In this episode, I will break down this equation and give you answers to transform your life to become anything you desire in your life.

This is a tall order but within 18 minutes, you will have a deeper understanding to the WHY you experience what you are experiencing and what are the things you can do to change the script of your life to experience a more EMPOWERED REALITY.

To join me LIVE every Tuesday at 7am CST, visit our private FB Group Page:

Click Here to Download the Episode

To view the FB Live Video Recording, click below.

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