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EP#98 - How Technology is Influencing Our Lives - Part I

In this two part series, I had the pleasure of interviewing Robert Plotkin. Robert talks in depth about technology, how it has become a huge distraction and will share some basic tips on how you can let your tech work for you instead of you always hearing or seeing the next notification that comes on your phone. We dive into his background in martial arts, mindfulness and talk about the concepts to his Technology for Mindfulness program.

Tune in for more!

Who is Robert Plotkin?

Robert is the Founder of Technology for Mindfulness, a leading blog and Top 40 iTunes podcast on science, technology, and mindfulness.

In his Tap Into Mindfulness program, he teaches people how to be less distracted by their smartphones and how to retake control over their time to be more focused, productive, and creative. His unique approach to technology and mindfulness stems from his combination of expertise in technology (as an MIT-educated computer scientist), decades of experience with Japanese martial arts, and training in Mindfulness- Based Stress Reduction (MBSR).

He has written seven books on the social impact of computer technology, is a co-founder of the Hack Your Mind program at MIT, and the host of the Technology for Mindfulness Podcast.

How to Connect with Robert?


Twitter: @TechForMindful

Facebook: @TechnologyForMindfulness

Instagram: @TechnologyForMindfulness


Click Here to Download the Episode

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