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EP#88 - Understanding Life Energy Through Money

Money is just a means to an object. It is what gives us more opportunities. Money is not good nor is it evil. Money is just LIFE ENERGY. What does this mean?

Just as we are creators and where we put our energy to, gives LIFE to things, so does money.

Money is what gives life to an organization, an idea, an opportunity, etc. It is what keeps things alive (company, idea, organization) and what can kill it. It can instill change and much more.

When and how we use our money determines so many factors in today's world.

Tune into this episode as I share some hardcore truths about money and how to truly create a change, revolution or support something that matters most. Trust be told, change will NEVER come from a politician. Transformation can only come from the PEOPLE. It is the PEOPLE that have the power. No politician would ever want you to know that. Corporations attempt to minimize that power as much as possible in order to control or stay alive through the essence of life energy (money).

Tune in for more and be ready to be inspired and empowered!

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