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EP#80 - Knowing VS Owning

In the information age that we live in, the common thing I continue to hear is, "I know." Knowing something vs owning something is entirely two different worlds. Knowledge is great and there are many 'gurus' out there telling you that knowledge is power and its everything.

I disagree massively. Here is why. Wisdom is something that you cannot teach, but can only acquire when you take information and make it yours. It is when you put your own vibrational frequency or as a friend would tell me, "Here comes some Manzology."

When you take in things, study it, practice it, make it part of your life and your lifestyle, this is when you open up the door to OWNING something rather than just KNOWING it.

Dive into this short episode as I share this concept much more in-depth... And as always, please share this episode if you found value in it and please share a review with us on iTunes. It is greatly appreciated!

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