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EP#74 - Defining Life

In life, sometimes, we are unconscious of how we are programming and defining our experience/our reality. We have not been taught or it has been not shared that what we say, think and do, frames our reality, our experiences of life. It is the one piece to the massive mosaic of the human being experience. But, have you been taught that what you define things as, will be? You have done this before, many times but may not have been aware of it.

In this episode, it is all about creating awareness. To understand how much of a creator you truly are and how you DEFINE your experiences and reality based upon how you see it as. Just think about a person who you couldn't stand or dislike. Why is it you dislike them? What did you see, experience or notice about them that you focus on the dislike and label them with the word and so forth? Could you experience anything else outside of that or is that the only characteristic?

For example, if you see someone rude, all you will see is them being rude and your mind will look for every instance that gives you the inkling to show that, you are right, look, they are rude. Look at how they talk, tone of voice, attitude, etc. You will find some reason for your justification because you defined that person as rude.

Imagine if you flipped the script and saw them as loving and believed it? What would you see? Tune in as I dive deeper into this!

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