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EP#55 - Trusting the Universal Path

I had a blast interviewing Thane. Thane shares some deep insights and a huge trial and tribulation that he had to face and deal with that ended up changing his direction on life. He ended up having to trust the Universe's path that was guiding him towards a different direction. He had to trust from within to know he was meant to do bigger things than be a professional golfer. Tune in the podcast for more.

About Thane Marcus...

Thane Marcus Ringler is a former pro golfer turned writer, speaker, collaborator, and entrepreneur based in Los Angeles, CA. After competing for nearly 4-years as a professional, he transitioned out of the world of golf into his new pursuit.

In his current work, Thane is coming alongside freelancers, business owners, and fellow entrepreneurs and helping them by taking the professional athlete’s mindset to everyday people in everyday life. He is passionate about spean they are capable of.

Connect with Thane

Social Media (Instagram & twitter): @thanemarcus


Podcast: The Up & Comers Show -

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