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EP#41 - What You Believe In, Is Your Reality

In this episode, I am going to be sharing concepts that will challenge your belief system on your mind, life and much more. Most of the things we believe in our lives, is what becomes true for us. Sometimes we are conditioned with concepts and ideals that truly, not what we would truly believe them to be BUT since society or our profession or both, has shown this to be true, it must be. But is that really true?

What are the limits of the mind? How can we ever say this is exactly how the mind works when we only know about 1-10% of what the mind is capable of? What if we could never experience fatigue? Never experience physical exhaustion and much more?

When it comes to human capabilities with understanding the mind, we are at the infancy states of where we are.

Join me on an interesting podcast episode to where I will bring a few things to the table that may challenge your belief systems and help you understand, the only thing that is real and true, is what you state it is to be.

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