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EP#40 - The Power of Disappointment: How It Can Level You Or Inspire You

Disappointment is something we all face at one point or another in life. May it be something small or something vastly unexpected. Regardless of the magnitude of your disappointment, you always end up having two choices: Allowing it to level you or allowing it to inspire you.

How can disappointment ever be a bad thing if the Universe is always working for you? I used to get caught up so many times in my life about coming up short to what it was I desired I wanted to accomplish. It would take days and weeks before I would get over it. But overtime, the message kept speaking clearer and clearer to me: The Universe is ALWAYS working for YOU!

It was that moment, life shifted and slowly but surely, I looked forward to the failures, the disappointments and much more. It showed me how my focus was off or that the Universe had to break ties and connections I had to help me raise up to new levels of expansion and moving me closer to my visions.

How do you allow for disappointment and coming up short on goals affect you? How do you deal with failures and so forth? Do you let them uplift you or bring you down? Tune in as we dive deep into a concept we all face!

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