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EP#39 - Abundance of Resources for You to Create Anything You Desire

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Many people in life have a scarcity, lack or poverty mindset. Many people believe there is a limited amount of resources in all things. How many times have you heard about a food shortage at a specific year that humans will experience? How many times you hear about limited amount of money? How about limited amount of dreams?

How many times have you catching yourself to want to be the first person in something because you know, if someone beats you to the chase, they have it? I know I used to do this many times in my life where I wanted to be the one with the new idea or new concept. But truth be told, there are infinite amounts of concepts and ideas, infinite amounts of food and so much more.

When we focus on lack, scarcity and limits, that is what we experience. If we focus on abundance, infinite amount of resources and more, that is what we experience.

In this episode, I dive into explaining God and how you are co-creating your physical reality with God and God wants you to experience more of yourself and expand and evolve as a soul so why would God create lack? Why would God create limits? Tune in as we dive deep into a convo that I will explain in a simple fashion for you to grasp the power and beauty of being alive in this physical world while having endless love and support to create anything your imagination can come up with.

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