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EP#38 - Breaking the Pattern of Fear

Fear is a human emotion that we all face. It is part of the experience. Fears are there, at times, for protection. But in this modern society, our fears are usually false evidence appearing real (F.E.A.R.). The worries we had 1000 years ago, 5000 years ago or even 1 million years ago, don't exist today. We don't have to worry about walking down a trail and have a saber tooth tiger around the bend. We don't have to worry about being eaten by a lion or even worry about infectious disease when we have a severe wound. Times have change but so has the saber tooth tiger. Even though it may not exist anymore, it has evolved to exist within the mind. This type of saber tooth tiger shows up in your life as worry, anxiety, anxiousness, anger, frustration, resentment and more. It is the things that we fear about happening which about 99% of the time, they don't.

In this episode, I break down the aspect of fear and how you can help your brain to stop focusing on fear and give it an opportunity to reset. I will share what fear does to your critical thinking centers and how it actually blocks you from thinking and much more.

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