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EP#9 - True Connection To Your Source

Our minds are so prgrammed to look for what is wrong in our life. Our mind is so programmed to find what is wrong and fix it. It is a 2 million year old program. But, it doesn't mean it has to be this way. It doesn't mean we can't change this program, this conditioning. Utilizing gratitude in your life on a daily basis is something that will open up the door for more things to be appreciative of.

In this podcast, Dr. Vic explains briefly about the power of what you focus on and how what you focus on creates more of what you seek. For that the mind dictates and tells the eyes what to look for. If you focus on negative, that is all the mind will see. If you focus on things that you appreciate, your mind will only see that.

Dr. Vic shares a challenge at the end of the podcast for you to start shifting and empowering your life through the work of gratitude.

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