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EP#37 - The Importance of Filtering Out Toxic People in Your Life

Let's face it, you are either having people uplift you or drain you. At the end of the day, its not their fault but yours. You have to choose wisely. You must have healthy boundaries with people so you can sustain your energy. When you don't have someone draining your energy, you can use that to craete more of what it is you desire to experience in this life (reality). When someone drains your energy, you have to focus on rebuilding that back up and you end up losing out on the power to create what it is that you desire.

In this episode, I will be sharing with you one simple tool that I use very often to determine if the person I am surroudning myself with, is uplifting me or draining me. This episode is great for anyone of all ages as this is something we all face on a daily, weekly, monthly and/or annual basis. Tune in for more!

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