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EP#36 - Why Do Humans Focus on Control and Run from Uncertainty?

In life, humans are always looking for ways to control their environment. We are at times, looking to control our children, our spouses, loved ones and more. Why is it we focus so much on control and more importantly, does controlling more of your life truly lead to a life of inspiration and fulfillment?

In this episode, I dive into what is known as the "EGO" to many but I don't give it the bad rap many people do. Ego has been known as, "Edging God Out." But, I share in the beginning the necessity of your EGO and how it benefits you in a specific way. I will dive into a way on how I share and get stuff out of my system so I can stay peaceful and calm in most of any situation the Universe brings to me.

Lastly, I will share why finding the path of inspiration, fulfillment and returning back to your child-like perspectives is in the UNCERTAINTY in life rather than the CERTAINTY. Tune in for more!

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